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Workshop teaching:

I run regular intensive Polaroid workshops in East London. These are either one on one or in small groups, and can last from a few hours to a week depending on your interests - to enquire, please email me. I also often teach workshops through organisations, for announcements, follow me on Instagram @rhiannon_adam, or join my mailing list

Past workshops include:

Association of Photographers - Behind the Lens / Photographer's Dining Club
Pinksie (education charity) - Year 6 students.
Arts Award - Hackney, London (teenagers)
IdeasTap, London
Double Negative Darkroom, London
Curious Projects, Eastbourne
Impossible Project Space NYC.
Designer's Block, London
Create Brighton (Miniclick)
Double Negative Darkroom
We Are Laura / Boxpark Pop-up, London
Yeradessa / Meanwhile Space

Forthcoming workshops/teaching:

Barbican 2017 (youth workshops)
The Photographer's Gallery 2017-2018 (dates TBC)

If you would like me to host a workshop with your organisation, please do get in touch. I teach with a mixture of cameras and materials - including Fuji, Polaroid and Impossible Project and programmes can vary widely.

I also run workshops for children and young people.

Photo credit: John Chee