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Exhibition announcement:

After a break from Pitcairn Island, while I wrote the Polaroid book, I'm pleased to announce that my solo show, "Big Fence / Pitcairn Island" exhibition will open on April 20th 2018 (running until June 9th) at Francesca Maffeo Gallery.

As many of you know, in late 2015 I returned from Pitcairn island, where I was for most of the year. I travelled with the backing from the BBC and Royal Geographical Society's Journey of a Lifetime Award, and produced a first person narrative Radio 4 documentary about my time on the island. You can listen to the documentary on iPlayer, originally broadcast on Monday the 19th of October 2015.

Editing the project has been a mammoth task, and is still continuing. I'm very excited to bring the first incarnation of the project for public view from April. Expired Polaroid film is used to capture the fragility of the place - its instability echoing the scarred underbelly of the island, its dreamlike quality capturing the whimsy of the legend. Images of empty rooms, rock fissures, objects, audio snippets, relics and damaged found photographs of long departed islanders sit alongside formal portraits, intermingling to capture the spirit and struggle of this tiny island nation as it sits on the brink of implosion.

For press enquiries and project backers, please get in contact to request an access link to a wider edit.


My new book, an exhaustive resource on instant photography,Polaroid: The Missing Manual, was released by Thames and Hudson (UK, USA), Prestel (Germany), Éditions Eyrolles (France), Gribaudo (Italy) in September/October 2017. For those wishing to order signed copies, you can follow the link in the left hand navigation, for all others, it is available on Amazon Amazon, though please do support your local bookshop by ordering from them when possible!

The book contains a mixture of brief histories of the development of the Polaroid brand and instant photography, camera guides (buying guides, user guides, troubleshooting) and a large number of creative techniques and how-to guides that feature experimental Polaroid work by myself and some of my favourite instant photographers, all told over the course of 240 pages.